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User Quota is exceeded
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This article explains what is a user quota and how to manage it.

What is a User Quota?

User quota is a limit set on the amount of storage a user can use on the inSync server. This is set by your inSync administrator to avoid users consuming more than allocated space.

The user quota consumption is calculated based on backup set (folders configured for backup) size plus the incremental (changed) data. The quota is a total of - Backed up and Shared data, across all the user's devices.

User Quota Error

When trying to back up data that exceeds your quota, you may encounter an error, as seen in the following screenshot.

The message depicts that the backup has failed due to an exceeded user quota.

Quota is always calculated based on the latest backup. For e.g Quota assigned to the user is 10 GB. If your latest backup is of 10 GB i.e the snapshot size, then the quota used will be equal to 10 GB. This does not mean that the next backup would fail. You can always run another backup with the snapshot size 10 GB, but if the snapshot size increases beyond 10 GB, then backup would fail with an error "Quota Limit reached".

๐Ÿ“ Note
โ€‹ User Quota always takes precedence over Profile quota.

How to manage your Quota?

  • You can reduce the amount of data that is being backed up or shared. Check the folders that are being backed up in the Backup Folders tab of the inSync client GUI.

  • Or you can connect with the inSync administrator to either increase the user quota or move to a custom profile and modify the profile accordingly.

  • Ensure that you are backing up only important & relevant files and folders. Remove data that does not need to be backed up or shared.

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