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Tips for configuring “All Drives” share
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📝 Note
This article applies to inSync Client installed on Windows systems.


You can configure All Drives when you are not sure about the location of the files you want to backup. In such cases you can configure “All Drives” share with required file extensions. inSync searches for these extension files in all the available volumes and back them up.


  • To get the best out of “All Drives” share, always configure it with certain Include or Exclude file types/extensions. This will help to backup only the required files and help exclude unnecessary files like application executable (.exe), modules/library files (.dll), configuration files (.cfg, .ini) and many more which would take unnecessary space in the storage and increase sync time.

  • Always add folder names in Exclude Paths tab, for those locations from where you don't want to backup any data.

For example, it would be unnecessary to backup from the below folders since these folders/files are useless to individual users as they are OS/System files:

  • $Recycle.Bin

  • AppData

  • Application Data

  • Boot

  • Cookies

  • inSync4

  • Local Settings

  • MSOCache

  • PerfLogs

  • Program Files

  • Program Files (x86)

  • ProgramData

  • Recovery


  • swapfile.sys

  • System Volume Information

  • Windows


Some of these names are already added in the Exclude Paths as a default.

In case of any queries or concerns, feel free to reach us via Support Portal.

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