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SharePoint Backup and Restore Report
SharePoint Backup and Restore Report
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This report displays all the backup and restore activities that occurred on SharePoint sites during a specified period.

The following table lists the fields in the SharePoint Backup and Restore report.



SharePoint Site

The name of the Sharepoint site on which the activity occurred.

Activity Time

The date and time on which the activity occurred.

Activity Type

Type of the activity occurred, either Backup or Restore.


The status of the activity occurred.

Data Size

The size of the data backed up or restored, based on the activity occurred.


Additional details for the activity occurred, if any.


  1. On the inSync Management Console, click Reports. The Manage Reports page appears.

  2. Click SharePoint Backup and Restore Report.

  3. Click the required SharePoint Site for which you want to view the backup and restore report.

  4. Select your preferred option. You can either Email the report or Download the report in HTML or CSV format.

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