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Inactive Devices Report
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Displays a report of inactive devices and also contains auto-delete details for inactive devices.


This report provides a consolidated view of devices marked inactive. You can use this report to check:

  • The profiles assigned to the inactive devices and confirm whether auto-delete is configured in the profile.

  • The last date and time of data backup and connectivity with inSync Server

  • The auto-delete date of the inactive devices.

If several devices are scheduled for deletion, The device may get deleted a few days after the auto-delete date. In such a case, this report will continue to display the device details even after the deletion date until the device is eventually deleted. See Device delete pattern for more information.

This report excludes the following:

  • Devices associated with preserved users in inSync.

  • Device details of SaaS Apps devices.

๐Ÿ“ Note
โ€‹ SaaS Apps devices are out of the scope of this report and their device details are not displayed in this report.

The report fields are explained below:



Device Name

The name of the inactive device as registered with inSync.

Device Status

Displays Enabled or Disabled based on the status assigned to the device in inSync.

User Name

User name to which the inactive device is linked.


The status of the license associated with the inactive device. For example, Active or Preserve.

Profile Name

Name of the profile associated with the inactive device.

Last Backup Date

Date and time when inSync performed the last backup from the inactive device.

Last Connected

Date and time when the inactive device last connected to inSync server.

Auto-Delete On

Date when the inactive device is scheduled for auto-deletion.

This field is displayed if auto-delete inactive devices are enabled and configured.

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