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Disable inSync notifications
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You can disable notifications in inSync that notify or alert users about the activities performed by the inSync Client on their computer.


๐Ÿ“ Note
โ€‹You can disable inSync notifications through profiles. You cannot do this on an individual user level.

To disable inSync notifications

  1. On the inSync Management Console menu bar, click Profiles.

  2. Click the profile for which you want to disable inSync notifications.

  3. Click the Devices tab > User Settings,click Edit. The Edit Profile window appears.

  4. As applicable, uncheck the checkbox for the type of inSync notifications that you do not want to display on the user devices.


Critical notifications appear when inSync fails to initiate backup operations. These notifications require the user's immediate attention and action by the administrator.


High notifications appear when inSync backups are interrupted or affected. These notifications require recommended actions by users to allow inSync to resume normal operations.


Warning notifications appear when inSync operations are temporarily affected due to connection errors or OS errors. These notifications may require users' actions to allow inSync to resume normal operations.


Informative notifications appear to provide additional information on the ongoing and completed backups. These notifications are informative and may not necessarily require users' actions.

  1. Click Save.

To enable inSync notifications again, see Enable inSync notifications.

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