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Why Druva Cloud
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Enterprises often rely on their data retention systems to ensure business continuity, customer contracts, compliance, and e-Discovery. Storage optimization is an ongoing process of evaluating your data storage and choosing a cost-effective storage option that meets business needs.

While AWS offers the capability to backup EBS snapshots or AMIs, these bring inherent limitations:

  • Absence of air-gap environment for data backups, with snapshots managed within the same region as the source. Consequently, any additional copies in another account or region incur setup and storage overheads.

  • Lack of dedupe capabilities for EBS snapshots, which are incremental but with no snapshot data dedupe.

  • Options for long-term retention and value-adds such as ransomware protection are significantly limited.

Key advantages

DruvaCloud storage brings some key advantages:

  • Cost benefits: Transition snapshots to lower-cost storage with substantial cost savings on long-term retention and cold tier support.

  • Dedupe capabilities: Global deduplication to minimize data redundancy and optimize storage utilization.

  • Scalable: Cloud-native solution that is designed for large enterprise environments.

  • Security: Data encryption leveraging AWS key management system (KMS) with best-in-class SaaS security.

  • Ease of use: Managed backup solution with a policy-based approach to protect resources across AWS accounts.

Use Cases

Lack of air-gap environment to protect against ransomware

Managing standard Amazon EBS snapshots within the same AWS region as the source poses a greater risk of backups being exposed to ransomware, accidental deletion, or insider threats. Enterprises require secure, encrypted, and air-gapped backups, that are isolated from their primary production environment to ensure business continuity.

Business costs as part of long-term retention

Standard Amazon EBS snapshot storage costs are significantly higher with long-term retention, and while EBS snapshots are incremental they do not offer dedupe capabilities. Maintaining additional snapshot copies in multiple accounts or regions as part of compliance or business continuity adds to the operational complexity and impacts storage costs.

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