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About data seeding and Snowball Edge
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This topic provides an overview of the Snowball Edge device and lists the benefits, key considerations, and limitations of using Snowball Edge to optimize the data backups.


With AWS Snowball Edge, Druva accelerates the data backup from the File servers, NAS shares, and VMware and HyperV virtual machines to the Cloud. The Snowball Edge device aims at speeding up the large data backups in a bandwidth-compromised environment. After the data is transferred to the Cloud, Druva makes the restore points available for the mapped backup sets.

๐Ÿ“ Note

โ€‹ You cannot use the Snowball Edge device to back up data from SQL servers and Oracle databases.

Druva provides this feature as an add-on service and this service is charged separately. It is not a part of the standard Druva subscription. Contact the Sales team for more details. This feature is not available for Druva GovCloud.

Snowball Edge

AWS Snowball Edge is a data transfer device with onboard storage and computation capabilities. You can use Snowball Edge to move large amounts of data as a temporary storage tier for large local datasets. To know more about Snowball Edge, refer to AWS Snowball Edge. There are several benefits of using Snowball Edge, such as security, easy data movement, simplicity of usage, and scalability. To know more about the benefits of using the Snowball Edge devices, refer to AWS Snowball Edge.

For more information about the key considerations and limitations of using the Snowball Edge device, refer to Key considerations and limitations.

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