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Known issues for SAP HANA
Updated over a week ago

Enterprise Workloads Editions: βœ… Business | βœ… Enterprise | βœ… Elite




Only schedules created in SYSTEMDB are displayed on the Management Console.

Workaround: Only use SYSTEM user for SYSTEMDB to create backup schedules with SAP HANA tools.


When you delete a backup from the catalog only, there is no way of deleting it physically from Druva Cloud.

Workaround: None. Ensure that you select Also delete physically while deleting backups. See Delete Backups for more information.


After configuring a database, if you change the isolation level of an existing database, the OS user for that database changes. This results in missing write permissions for the log directory. The next job fails with the following error: Error in parsing backint input file.

Workaround: Restart Enterprise Workloads Service. Open the shell on all the nodes, wait for active jobs to complete, and then enter the following command:

systemctl restart Druva-EnterpriseWorkloads.service


If data recovery is canceled from the SAP HANA tools after it has started recovery of files, this job fails with an error, and orphan Backint processes exist at the OS level.

Workaround: Restart the SAP HANA database to clear the orphan backint processes.


SAP HANA runs a Catalog Backup with delete. If delete takes longer than the Backint timeout, which is 10 minutes by default, the Catalog backup fails.

Workaround: No action required. The next Catalog backup will be successful.


If SAP HANA initiates a delete operation for a backup generation and there is a backup job for that database already in progress, the backup job will fail. SAP HANA gives the delete job higher priority and thus terminates other backup jobs that are running.

Workaround: Restart the backup job after the delete job completes.

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