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  • Before initiating a backup from SAP HANA, ensure the database is configured with Hybrid Workloads for SAP HANA. If you configure even one database, SAP HANA shows Backint as a possible backup target. However, the backup will fail if the database is not configured with Hybrid Workloads for SAP HANA.

  • All the backup targets for log, catalog, and data backups should be set to Backint. Otherwise, these backups will not be stored in Druva Cloud.

  • The backup target should not change between generations. It should be Backint all the time. If any backup target is changed for any of these backups, the restore from this backup will fail.

  • If the backups are deleted from the backup catalog but not deleted physically, these backups still consume space on Druva Cloud with no way to delete these backups or restore from these backups. To learn how to delete backups correctly, see Delete backups.

  • Backup schedules must be created in SYSTEMDB to view on the Management Console.

  • Hybrid Workloads for SAP HANA does not support renaming SID, database names, or instance numbers. See known issues for more information.

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