Configure Phoenix Backup Store to let it use a web-proxy
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Use a web-proxy

Phoenix Backup Store connects to the Druva Cloud through the internet. If your network infrastructure uses a web-proxy, configure the Phoenix Backup Store to use the web-proxy to establish a connection with the Druva Cloud.

Before you begin

Before you begin, ensure that the Phoenix Backup Store service is running.


  1. Open the command line prompt on the Phoenix Backup Store.

  2. Run the following command: PhoenixBackupStoreControl set_proxy_details -t proxy_type -i proxy_IP:port -u proxy_user -p proxy_password

    • Proxy_type:Druva supports the following proxy types:

      • http

      • socks4

      • socks5

    • Proxy_IP:Valid IP of proxy server.

    • Port:Respective proxy port number.

    • Proxy_user:Valid proxy user name. Enter * for an unauthenticated proxy.

    • Proxy_password:Valid proxy password. Enter * for an unauthenticated proxy.

The Phoenix Backup Store is now configured to use the web-proxy.In addition:

  • Use escape sequence if the value of an attribute contains special characters.

  • Ensure that all the parameters are present.

  • The command fails if any input parameter is missing or not entered in the prescribed order.

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