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About data protection for Oracle
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With Druva for Oracle, organizations can securely protect their Oracle databases hosted on the on-premise physical and virtual infrastructure, as well as cloud infrastructure such as Amazon EC2, Azure VMs, Google Compute Engines, and so on. The backup copy is optimized and deduplicated at the source to reduce the storage and network overload, and cost. Druva is an Oracle recognized database backup solution provider. For more information, see Oracle Backup Solutions Program (BSP).

Druva provides a robust solution that works with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) to:

  • Protect the Oracle RMAN backups on an NFS target on the Phoenix Backup Store

  • Manage the Oracle Database backup lifecycle


​Druva Components

Druva components for Oracle

The Druva solution uses cloud-side and client-side components to interact, manage, and control backups in your infrastructure. The Druva components are:

  • Druva Cloud: The Druva Cloud manages storage and stores backup data. It authenticates and authorizes the incoming backup and restore requests from the Phoenix Backup Store that is deployed in your organization's IT infrastructure and redirects it to Druva storage to fulfill the requests.

  • Management Console: The Management Console is a web-based, unified console that provides complete visibility and a high-level understanding of the health and status of Phoenix Backup Stores that you manage, wherever the Phoenix Backup Stores reside. You can view all the Phoenix Backup Stores in your infrastructure registered with Druva, and discover and configure mounts for backup, recovery, and data archival. This console provides administrators the ability to:

    • Deploy and register Phoenix Backup Stores

    • Configure mounts for backup

    • Control Druva activities by defining the retention policy and triggering restores

    • Monitor backup and restore jobs, activities, and reports

  • Phoenix Backup Store: The Phoenix Backup Store is an NFS server that you deploy in your organization's IT infrastructure. Druva Backup Store is a software appliance and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud depending on where you run your Oracle Server instance. A mount on the Phoenix Backup Store is a shared directory that serves as a target location for RMAN to store backup data. When an Oracle Database Administrator runs a backup using RMAN, RMAN creates an Oracle RMAN backup and stores it on a mount on the Phoenix Backup Store. When you deploy the Phoenix Backup Store, ensure that you configure it properly so that RMAN can access the mount. The Phoenix Backup Store also creates a recovery point of the Oracle RMAN backup and uploads it to the Druva Cloud. In addition:

    • The Oracle RMAN backups stored on the Phoenix Backup Store are available for local restore.

    • When a restore job is run using the Management Console, the selected recovery point of the Oracle RMAN backup from the Druva Cloud is downloaded to a location on the Phoenix Backup Store. The Database Administrator can restore this Oracle RMAN backup to the Oracle instance.

  • RMAN backup scripts: In addition, Druva provides template scripts. The Oracle Database Administrator can:

    • Run the script to start an RMAN backup job that creates an Oracle RMAN backup.

    • Store the Oracle RMAN backup on the mount that is hosted on a Phoenix Backup Store.

    • Modify the RMAN script to provide RMAN options such as backup options and file streams.

    • Use the script as a guide to understand the Phoenix Backup Store API and how to use it to backup databases.

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