Nutanix AHV restore pre-checks
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Druva runs restore pre-checks for file-level restores. The following sections describe the restore pre-checks and remedial actions you must take in case of pre-check failures. For more information, see Restore virtual machine data.

Restore pre-checks

Recommendations, if the checks fail

Restore to CIFS/NFS share

Invalid UNC share details received

Enter correct share details.

Either the entered UNC share path does not exist, or has been entered in an incorrect format. Enter the UNC share path in the format //IP/share_name or //Hostname/share_name.

Share path not reachable

Enter reachable UNC share details.

The specified UNC share could not be reached because of an incorrect or inaccessible IP address. Enter a UNC share that is reachable from proxy.

Invalid UNC share details received

Enter valid credentials for UNC share details.

You could run into this error during the following scenarios:

  • The entered credentials are invalid.

  • The share hasn't been shared, or the share has been shared, but the logged-in user does not have permissions over the share.

  • The share does not exist.

  • The share has been renamed and the renamed folder share has not been shared.

Ensure that the credentials are valid, the share exists, and has been shared and the logged-in user has permissions over the share

Credentials have insufficient privileges over the UNC Location

Provide a UNC location over which the credentials have valid permissions.

The credentials supplied for the specified UNC share do not have read-write permissions over the UNC share location. Enter a location over which the credentials have read-write permissions.

No such file or directory

Provide valid filename/directory,

The file name or directory is incorrect. Enter the correct target path in the format \\<host>\<share path>.

Not enough space

Insufficient free disk space for the operation.

Free the disk space or use a different share.

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