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Enabling debug on AWS proxy
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This topic discusses steps to be performed on the AWS proxy to enable debug. The procedure helps in troubleshooting failures during the DR failover job


  1. Login to AWS proxy with the default user name centos.

    1. Go to the AWS Console > EC2 Console.

    2. From the IPV4 Public IP field, copy the proxy server IP.

    3. From the Key pair name field, see the key pair associated with the proxy server.

    4. Using an SSH client (for example, Putty), connect to the proxy server. For detailed steps to connect to an EC2 instance, see AWS documentation.

    5. Specify the hostname or IP.

    6. Provide the key pair you had associated with the proxy server.

    7. Login with default username (for centos proxy, use username centos, or for Ubuntu proxy, use username ubuntu) and press enter when prompted for a password.

  2. Switch to sudo role.
    sudo su

  3. Stop Druva services.
    /etc/init.d/Phoenix stop

  4. Check if the Druva related process is not running.
    ps -ef| grep -i phoenix

  5. To Manually stop the Druva services, run the following command:
    Kill -9 <PID>

  6. Edit the Druva configuration file.
    vi /etc/Phoenix/DR/Phoenix.cfg

  7. Add below parameter ( to avoid the automatic termination of failover instance).
    Add DEBUG_TW = True

    📝 Note
    In case of DR failover job failure, the failover instance is AWS is terminated by default.

  8. Update the DEBUGLEVEL value from 0 to 9.

  9. Save the Druva configuration file.

  10. Start the Druva services.
    /etc/init.d/Phoenix start

  11. Initiate the DR failover again.

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