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Enhanced inSync Enterprise Search experience
Enhanced inSync Enterprise Search experience
Updated over a week ago

❗ Important

The availability of this feature may be limited based on the license type, region, and other criteria. To access this feature, contact your Druva Account Manager or Druva Support.

Druva offers a simplified and intuitive Enterprise Search. The workflow is designed to search files and emails in a seamless and easy to use manner. Enhancements to end-user interactivity, layout, and messages provide a better and consistent experience.

enterprise search new home.png

Following are the user interface (UI) changes for Enterprise Search:

  • Search types are now more prominent
    The File Search and Email Search options are now more prominent in the new design. You can easily switch between the two without losing your search results. ​

    new enterprise search search types highlighted.png
  • File and Email search filters

    • The search filters now load automatically as soon as you start typing the search query thus making filters easy to find for first time users.

    • The user drop-down allows you to select users based on both email ID and the name of the user. ​

      filters dropdown in new search.gif
  • Improved feedback about search progress

    • As inSync fetches the search results, the number of results that are fetched are displayed on the UI. If inSync has completed searching and all search results are displayed on the UI, then a Search Completed message is displayed at the bottom of the search results. When you apply filters, the Filters icon turns green denoting that filters are applied on the search query. ​

      search results with search completed new.png
    • If inSync can load more results, a Load More button is displayed. Click the button to load more search results. inSync displays a maximum of 1000 search results on the UI. ​

      load more button in the search results new.png
  • Search workflow actions are displayed more intuitively

    • Search actions are displayed above the search results allow easy access to most commonly used actions. ​

      download button active in the search results new.png
    • If your query has more than 1000 search results, an Email Results button is displayed. Click this button to email all the search results to your registered email ID in CSV format.

      email results when more search results are available new.png
    • If your query is taking time to load, a message prompting to Email Results is displayed. Click this button to email all the search results to your registered email ID in CSV format.

      no search results in displayed.png
  • Access to Enterprise Search for Legal Administrators
    All legal administrators can now use Enterprise Search to search for files and emails associated with:

    • Legal holds

    • Users (Custodians) on legal hold

file search for legal admins 1.png

❗ Important

The current Enterprise Search UI displays a generic Something went wrong. Please refresh or try again later. message whenever inSync search encounters an error. This is a known issue and Druva will fix this soon by replacing the message with more meaningful error messages for each error type.

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