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Enhanced Sensitive Data Governance experience
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Druva is pleased to announce the following enhancements to Sensitive Data Governance that will be available with the inSync Cloud Update scheduled for April 13, 2019.

New Sensitive Data Governance user interface

Druva has enhanced the Sensitive Data Governance UI to make it more intuitive. The new UI helps administrators view the summary of violations on the Sensitive Data Governance dashboard. The File Violations and Email Violations pages enable administrators to quickly find and take action on the reported violations.

overview page compliance1.png

Following are the user interface (UI) changes for Sensitive Data Governance:

  • Enhanced layout and navigation
    The inSync Sensitive Data Governance UI now has a new layout with a distinguished view of Sensitive Data Governance dashboard, file violations, and email violations. Simplified navigation with tabs makes it easy to access file violations and email violations. Each violation type is categorized into Active, Resolved, and Quarantined states.

    email violation listing highlighted.png
  • Filters
    Enhanced filters to view violations based on the type of Sensitive Data Governance policy.

    policy filter image.png
  • New icons
    Visual aids to quickly identify critical violations and users who are on Legal Hold.

    crtical and legal hold icons.png

New Feature: Preview violations for sensitive data

Administrators managing Sensitive Data Governance can now see a preview of the violations reported for the sensitive data.s. The violated content is highlighted in bold to help you quickly view and locate the violation. By default, inSync shows the preview of three occurrences of the violated text and gives you the option to view up to 15 such occurrences.​​​​​​​

file violation preview with annotations1.png
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