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Configure rollback actions window
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Rollback actions window

When you configure the rollback window, the deleted entities are available for rollback in the Druva cloud for the specified days before they are permanently deleted. By default, the Rollback Actions window is configured for 7 days. You can configure a window of a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 7 days. Once you configure the Rollback Actions window, you can only change it by contacting Support.

The rollback window provides the administrator the ability to revert malicious or unintended deletes without any loss of data and enables the restoration of productivity rapidly. If everything is exactly how you wanted it to happen, no problem, those safety net copies will age out and there will be no impact on what you were trying to do.

Best practice

For optimum security set the value to 7 days. The higher the number of days, the more days you will get to rollback the deleted entities and mitigate the risk. However, the storage and credit consumption also increases with a longer rollback window.

Cooling period

When you update the rollback window for the first time, it will be effective after a cooling period of 7 days. The cooling period is not applicable for any subsequent updates that are done by Support.

Use case



License activated (January 1)

Default Rollback Window of 7 days

Entities deleted on Jan 1 will be available for rollback for 7 days.

First-time configuration (January 2)

Rollback Window is set to 5 days

7 days cooling period is required. Thus, entities deleted after Jan 8 will be available for rollback for 5 days.

Subsequent configuration by Support (March 1)

Rollback Window is set to 7 days

Cooling period is not required. Thus, deleted entities as per the previous rollback window will be available for a rollback on the same day.

This way, even if a rogue administrator updates the rollback window from 7 days to 1 day, support can change it back to 7 days, and you will be able to rollback entities that were deleted in the last 5 days on the same day.

Configure rollback actions window

  1. On the Druva Cloud Platform dashboard, under Cyber Resiliency click Rollback Actions.

  2. On the Overview page, in the Rollback Window section click Set Rollback Window.

  3. In the Permanent Deletion After field enter the value for the rollback window.
    You can configure a window of a minimum 1 day and a maximum of 7 days.

    πŸ’‘ Tip

    For optimum security set the value to 7 days.

  4. Click Save. The DCP administrator receives an email confirmation.
    Deleted entities are now available for rollback for the specified period.

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