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Create an inSync Cloud Administrator
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By default, the Cloud Administrator has access to all workloads, profiles, and legal hold policies.

๐Ÿ“ Note

  • You can only create a Cloud administrator in the Business edition.

  • A Druva Cloud Administrator can be created only through the Druva Cloud Platform Console. Click the Druva logo to access the Global Navigation Panel > Home to launch the Druva Cloud Platform Console. See Manage Druva administrators for more information.

  • All other administrators can be created through the inSync Management Console as well as the Druva Cloud Platform Console.

  • One of the requirements for an Admin Account is that it should have a mail- ID, as Druva will send Account Activation and future password reset links to the mailbox.

  • If you do not want to associate the mailbox with the Admin Account, Druva suggests using a service account with a mailbox. Once the account is added to inSync and an initial mail is sent to the account with the Activation/password reset link, the Administrator can remove the mailbox for that account.

  • Rights available to the pre-defined roles can be viewed and managed only through the inSync Management Console.


  1. On the Druva Cloud Platform Console, click on a workload to create a Cloud Administrator.

  2. From the DCP console, click Global Navigation menu> Manage Administrators. The Administrators page appears.

  3. In the top-right corner, click New Administrator. The New Administrator window appears.

  4. On the Summary page, provide the appropriate information for the below fields:

    • Name - Type the name of the new administrator.

    • Email - Type the email ID of the new administrator.

    • Role - Select Cloud Admin.

  5. Click Next to navigate to the Access Control tab. Access Control selection is not required for a Cloud Admin.

  6. Click Finish.

โ— Important

Druva strongly recommends that you create a secondary administrator account as well. In the potential scenario where an administrator forgets the password to log on to the inSync Management Console, only a secondary admin can reset that password. Druva implements stringent password policies for inSync Cloud and is unable to reset admin passwords.

To add a second administrator, click the link that is displayed on the inSync Management Console and follow the same procedure as Create a Cloud Administrator.

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