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Environment and Licensing FAQs
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This article lists the frequently asked questions related to login, environment, and licensing information.

Logging In / Environments / Licensing FAQs

How do I log in to Salesforce 2.0 App after inviting a Salesforce 2.0 administrator from inSync?

You will receive an email notification to create a Salesforce 2.0 administrator account. For more information, see Deploying the Salesforce App.

My temporary administrator account credentials have expired after 48 hours duration. How do I proceed?

Contact Support to send a new email invitation. You can activate the administrator account using the new activation email. For more information, see Create Administrator Account for the Salesforce App.

What happens if I authenticate sandbox Org instead of a production Org?

You can associate a license to a production organization only after completing 14 days of association with the current sandbox organization.

How are the active users mapped with the number of organizations that are added from the License page in the Settings tab for a data backup license?

The user can continue to add or authenticate organizations till the threshold of the licensed users is reached.

What happens if I have added an org in the Environment Hub but not in the License page for backup?

It is important that you authenticate the org from the License page after configuring the environment from Environment Hub for backups to work successfully.

How many sandboxes does a sandbox seeding license cover?

The Sandbox Seeding license will cover all of the sandboxes related to a Production org. Users in sandboxes do not count against the users for a license. For example, if you authenticate a production org with 100 users to a license, then the production user count is considered to estimate the license user count. In this case, the license user count will be 100 users.

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