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How to Update Azure Backup App Permissions
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This document will outline the steps required to update the permissions to the Backup app already installed in a Customers subscription. Please note, this will need to be updated per Subscription.

Procedure title

  1. Open Azure and navigate to the Subscription you wish to update

  2. From the left menu bar, select Access Control (IAM)

  3. When that page loads, select the Role assignments option along the top of the section

  4. Scroll down the page until Apps are list

  5. Find the Druva Backup app and copy the Role ID associated with the App

  6. Once copied, go back to the top of the same page and click the Roles option

  7. Paste in the Role ID into the search box provided and search

  8. The Role should now be listed; select the 3 dots to the right of the screen and click Edit

  9. When the screen loads, click on the Permissions option along the top of the screen

  10. This will then list all permissions granted to that Role and by association, that Backup app

  11. Click the Add permission option

  12. In the new section that opens, search for Key Vault and select the Microsoft Key Vault option that appears

  13. Once selected, search for Deploy and select “Other : Use Vault for Azure Deployments” that is listed

  14. Using the info icon, ensure the permission being added is: Microsoft.KeyVault/vaults/deploy/action

  15. Assuming it is the correct permission and click Add at the bottom of the page

  16. Click Review and the Update

  17. The Role permissions will then be correctly updated

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