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Add folders for backup
Updated over a week ago

The folders from where Druva Cloud backs up data are called backup folders.
If your administrator configured the backup folders for you, you cannot exclude these folders from the backups. You can configure other folders that you want the Druva Mobile App to backup.

The folders on your mobile device from where the Druva Mobile App can back up data are as follows:

  • Contacts

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • SD card

  • Other folders from the internal storage

Before you begin

Before you configure folders for backup, ensure that the backup services feature is enabled. For more information, see Enable the backup services.


To add folders for backup

  1. On the Druva Mobile App sidebar, tap Settings.

  2. In the Preferences area, tap Content.

  3. Tap each folder that you want to add for backup.

  4. Tap OK.

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