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Access inSync Web
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Applicable to Client versions -

Windows - v7.1.0 & above | macOS - v6.5.1, 7.1.0 & above | Linux - v5.9.x & above


You can access inSync Web through browser and type the inSync Web URL.

Access inSync Web using inSync credentials

To access inSync Web:

  1. Open any browser.

  2. If your organization is using an inSync On-Premises edition, type the following URL: https://<inSync Master URL>/home

    Where, inSync Master URL refers to the inSync Master URL available on your inSync account activation email.
    If your organization is using inSync Cloud edition, type
    If your organization is using GovCloud, type

  3. Log on using your inSync account credentials.

(inSync Cloud) Access inSync Web using SSO

To access inSync Web using SSO

  1. Open any browser.

  2. In the Username box, type your inSync username.

  3. Leave the Password box blank.

  4. ( First-time login ) On the SSO authentication page to which you are redirected, enter your username and password and click Login.

๐Ÿ“ Note
โ€‹inSync prompts you to repeat step 5 if you log in from a different browser or a different computer.

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