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How to update the vCenter credential over a standalone backup proxy
How to update the vCenter credential over a standalone backup proxy
Updated over a week ago

This article applies to:

  • OS: CentOS

  • Product edition: Phoenix


This article provides the steps to update vCenter credentials over a standalone backup proxy.

The command provided below checks the privileges given to the user. If any privileges are missing ,it will list the required privileges. It also lists the other users with privileges required for backup and restore. This command works with version 3.3 r2976 and later.
If the password contains bash special characters, wrap the password in single quotes.

For example, if the password is ABC!23hs, enter the password as 'ABC!23hs'.

If the password contains a single quote, replace the single quote with '"'"'.

For example, if the password is X!2YZ'abc, enter the password as 'X!2YZ'"'"'abc'.

Update vCenter credentials

  1. From the vSphere Client console, click VMs and Templates and start the backup proxy virtual machine.

  2. Open a terminal on the virtual machine. Alternatively, you can use a terminal client such as PuTTY to access the virtual machine.

  3. Login to the virtual machine.
    The default username is root and the default password is druvaphoenix. If you changed the default credentials, use the changed ones.

  4. Redirect to below directory.
    โ€‹cd /opt/Druva/Phoenix/bin

  5. To set the vCenter Server or ESXi hypervisor credentials, run the following command:
    โ€‹vCenterDetail set <FQDN or IP> <Username> <Password>

    • <FQDN or IP> is the fully qualified domain name or the IP address of the vCenter server or ESXi hypervisor

    • <Username> and <Password> are the credentials with the vCenter administrator permission required to login to the vSphere Client.

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