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How to delete an existing vCenter or ESXi setup
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As a Phoenix administrator, you might want to delete an existing vCenter or ESXi configuration from Phoenix in scenarios such as:

  • You do not need to retain data and want to deprecate vCenter.

  • You do not back up VMware VMs anymore.

  • You have created a fresh VMware setup and have registered it as a separate vCenter (using a different IP/FQDN).

This article provides the steps to delete an existing vCenter or ESXi configuration from Phoenix.

Delete an existing vCenter or ESXi configuration

  1. Delete all the configured VMs from backup. This step is essential before you delete a vCenter or ESXi configuration. Refer to Delete a virtual machine configured for backup for the procedure.

  2. Delete all the activated backup proxies of the vCenter server. Refer to the Delete backup proxy article for the procedure.

  3. Delete the DR Plan if it is connected to vCenter you are deleting.

  4. Proceed to delete the vCenter setup:

    1. On the Phoenix Management Console, click All Organizations and select the required organization from the drop-down list.

    2. Go to Protect > VMware. List of all the registered VMware vCenter Servers and ESXi Hypervisors is displayed.

    3. Select the desired vCenter Server or ESXi Hypervisor that you want to delete.

    4. Click Delete. A confirmation dialog box appears.

    5. Click Yes on the confirmation message.


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