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Adding a VM to a new DR plan fails
Updated over a week ago

This article applies to:

  • Product edition: Phoenix

Problem description

During a new AWS Proxy configuration, adding a VM to create a DR plan fails with the below error.



This error may occur if VPC/Subnet settings are not correctly configured or if IAM role is not attached to AWS Backup Proxy.


Main_service.log shows:

[2019-05-14 18:43:44,369] [ERROR] Error <class 'botocore.exceptions.NoCredentialsError'>:Unable to locate credentials. Traceback -Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "roboClientLib/boto3/", line 1562, in get_vpc_details
  File "botocore/", line 320, in _api_call
  File "botocore/", line 610, in _make_api_call
  File "botocore/", line 102, in make_request
  File "botocore/", line 132, in _send_request
  File "botocore/", line 116, in create_request
  File "botocore/", line 356, in emit
  File "botocore/", line 228, in emit
  File "botocore/", line 211, in _emit
  File "botocore/", line 90, in handler
  File "botocore/", line 157, in sign
  File "botocore/", line 356, in add_auth
NoCredentialsError: Unable to locate credentials
[2019-05-14 19:23:37,131] [ERROR] CloudDRAgent: Unable to get aws infra details
[2019-05-14 19:23:37,131] [INFO] VMDR : Product custom command-[get_aws_infra_details] returned with result = {}


Ensure IAM role is attached and VPC/Subnet settings are configured correctly.

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