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Avoid antivirus interference with Phoenix DRaaS program or process
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Antivirus programs may sometimes lock actively used files or folders of other applications.

If any such application locks the Phoenix DRaaS program or process, it may result in corruption or unexpected behavior. Hence, it is highly recommended to add exclusions for the Phoenix DRaaS program or process.

What is the full list of executables that need to be whitelisted in the source VM AV?

The list of 15 Windows files are:

  • All installed by Druva as part of the DR Failover operation, bar systeminfo.exe which is an o/s executable.

  • The complete list of files that Druva requires to be executed for and during DR Failover

  • The complete list of files that Druva requires to be whitelisted in the source VM's AV

  1. C:\Druva\Model\cli.exe

  2. C:\Druva\Service\druvaservice.exe

  3. C:\Druva\Model\run_model.bat

  4. C:\Windows\System32\systeminfo.exe

  5. C:\Druva\Vmtools\Ec2Install\Ec2Install.exe

  6. C:\Druva\Vmtools\Citrix_xensetup.exe

  7. C:\Druva\Vmtools\dotnetfx45.exe

  8. C:\Druva\Vmtools\AWSPVDriverSetup8.2.1.msi

  9. C:\Druva\Vmtools\dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe

  10. C:\Druva\Vmtools\Ec2Install\AmazonSSMAgentSetup.exe

  11. C:\Druva\Vmtools\XenGuestAgent.exe

  12. C:\Druva\Vmtools\wic_x86_enu.exe

  13. C:\Druva\Vmtools\wic_x64_enu.exe

  14. C:\Druva\Vmtools\WiXEC2ConfigSetup_64.msi

  15. C:\Druva\Service\rmservice.exe

The list of Linux files are: (The /opt/druva files are installed by Druva as part of the DR Failover operation)

  1. /opt/druva/

  2. /opt/druva/cli

  3. /opt/druva/

  4. /opt/druva/

  5. /etc/rc.local [Only for CENTOS/RHEL]

  6. /etc/init.d/after.local [Only for SLES]

Steps to be performed on the source VM when DR failover is failing due to Antivirus

  1. Whitelist above files with the absolute path on the antivirus.

  2. Run the VM backup.

  3. Update the DR copy.

  4. Perform the DR failover (with DEBUG_TW = True in the AWS proxy).

Purpose of each Service:

The Druva executable are basically used to control the flow for failover like maintaining the installation order, Upload logs ,Send SQS messages and getting the non boot volumes / disks online .

  • C:\Druva\Model\cli.exe

  • C:\Druva\Service\rmservice.exe

  • C:\Druva\Model\run_model.bat

All the other services are specific to AWS and Microsoft :-

  • Ec2Install.exe : It is the exe for EC2 Config installer .

  • Citrix_xensetup.exe : Setup to install Xen server.(Citrix XenServer is an open source server virtualization platform based on the Xen hypervisor. )

  • systeminfo.exe :The command line utility for output summary of hardware/software operating environment parameters.

  • dotnetfx45.exev: Microsoft .NET Framework for Windows Server

  • AWSPVDriverSetup8.2.1.msi :Setup for Amazon PV Drives (Windows AMIs contain a set of drivers to permit access to virtualized hardware. These drivers are used by Amazon EC2 to map instance store and Amazon EBS volumes to their devices. )

  • dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe : exe for Microsoft .NET Framework 4

  • AmazonSSMAgentSetup.exe : Setup for AWS Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent). It is Amazon software that can be installed and configured on an EC2 instance, an on-premises server, or a virtual machine (VM). SSM Agent makes it possible for Systems Manager to update, manage, and configure these resources.

  • XenGuestAgent.exe :It is an executable file that is part of the Citrix Tools for Virtual Machines.

  • wic_x86_enu.exe : Windows Imaging Component that provides an extensible architecture for image codecs, pixel formats, and metadata, with automatic run-time discovery of new formats.

  • wic_x64_enu.exe : same as above for 64 bit

  • WiXEC2ConfigSetup_64.msi : It is WIX and AWS configuration. Wix is a web development platform used to design, publish, maintain and host websites that expanded its production environment to AWS, allowing it to spin up hundreds of servers automatically to manage traffic spikes. By using AWS to create snapshots of the system, Wix can spin up new server instances in minutes.

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