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FAQs on backup to Druva Cloud
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Do I need access to Druva Cloud Platform (DCP) to leverage this feature?

Yes, you will need to be integrated with Druva Cloud Platform to Provision Storage on Druva Cloud. Once integrated, you can view the credit consumption and storage analytics via DCP. Customers who are currently also leveraging Hybrid Workloads (Phoenix) can view the same from the management console.

What does the failure Invalid User JWT Token indicate?

This indicates that you are currently not logged into DCP. You will need to login and then redirect to the Druva CloudRanger console to get started with Backup to Druva Cloud. For more information, see Provision Storage on Druva Cloud.

Backup and Restore

Where are the backup and restore processing managed?

Data backups are managed via a temporary instance within Druva-owned AWS Accounts (Druva Data Resiliency Cloud).

Are backups on Druva Cloud encrypted?

Yes, Druva uses a digital envelope encryption to protect your data by leveraging the AWS Key Management System to generate and manage the data encryption key (ekey). The ekey once generated is used to encrypt the user data that is then backed up to Druva Cloud.

๐Ÿ“ Note

Druva does not store the ekey and has no access to the data. To get started with ekey management, you will need to import the relevant credentials to your Druva CloudRanger account. For more information, see Manage Client Credentials.

Do client credentials need to be generated in each Account/Region combination?

No, you can download the client credentials onto one location where it would be stored, and this can be applied to any Account/Region within each CloudRanger Organization.

Can we initiate backup of encrypted EC2 snapshots?

Yes, CloudRanger has access to the unencrypted snapshots and can initiate the backup and restores.

Is a full snapshot restore and file-level recovery supported?

Yes. You can initiate a file-level recovery and a snapshot restore from your Druva CloudRanger console. For more information, see Restoring EBS Snapshots.

Is deduplication supported for backups in the same storage region across source accounts?

Yes, deduplication is supported across accounts, within the same Storage region.

Is backup of archived EC2 snapshots supported?

No, this is currently not supported.

What is the shortest period that you can retain an EC2 snapshot?

The shortest period is one day.

Are all features supported within EC2 orchestration also supported when backing up to Druva Cloud?

Yes, all features currently supported as part of EC2 orchestration will still apply when leveraging Druva Cloud.

Credits and Storage

Would the storage credits displayed within the Hybrid Workloads console be available segregated vs credits that apply to Native Workloads (CloudRanger)?

No, the credits will be across both and will apply to the total storage consumption and credits.

Customers Leveraging Hybrid and Native Workloads

What if an existing Phoenix agent resides on the EC2 instance?

If the Phoenix agent already exists, there would be snapshots also generated from Druva CloudRanger resulting in duplicate backups (non-deduplicated).

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