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Migration of a Nutanix AHV virtual machine
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This article explains various use cases when a Nutanix AHV virtual machine is migrated from one cluster to another.

Migration of a virtual machine with the same UUID:

Once you migrate a VM,

  • It will be automatically detected in the new cluster during the next Discovery process, either initiated manually or through automated daily runs.

  • The migrated VM will already be configured as a backup set in the new cluster, ensuring backups continue as scheduled.

  • All previously created restore points (RPs) will be retained for uninterrupted data continuity.

  • The migrated backup set will be assigned to the default pool, but if no proxies are available in the default pool, it will be disabled temporarily.

Migration of a virtual machine with a new UUID:

In the case of VM migration resulting in a new UUID,

  • The VM will be recognized as a fresh entity during the subsequent Discovery process in the new cluster, regardless of whether it's triggered manually or through automation.

  • As it is treated as a new instance, you will need to configure it as a new backup set. For more information on VM configuration, please see Configure virtual machines for backup.

๐Ÿ“ Note
โ€‹Previous restore points will not be retained, since the VM is considered a distinct entity in this scenario.

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