Overview of Azure subscriptions
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To protect your Azure virtual machines, you must first connect your Azure Tenant to Druva and onboard your Azure subscriptions to the Druva ecosystem. As a part of the onboarding process, you must assign an administration group and also specify a preferred Druva storage where you want to backup your data. By default, a Default Druva Storage will be assigned to back up data from all Azure regions. However, you can assign more specific region-wise storage. For more information, see Map storage.

With Druva’s Azure data protection, the onboarding process has never been easier! Follow these three easy steps to onboard a new subscription for the first time, and you are all set:




1. Select subscriptions

Select the subscriptions(s) for backup and restore.

2. Assign administrative group and/or Storage rules

  1. Select or create an administrative group.

  2. If you are onboarding subscriptions for the first time, assign storage rules to direct your backups from an Azure region to Druva storage.

3. Authorize subscriptions

Authorize the creation of an access key in the Azure vault. This key is used to encrypt backups.

The following video shows a quick demo of how to register or onboard your Azure subscriptions to the Druva ecosystem:

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