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Plan your first backup
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Before you begin with the Druva configuration, learn more about Druva for Oracle and system requirements.

Backup strategy

To protect your business-critical enterprise databases, you must identify your organization's requirements and plan a backup strategy. The backup and restore strategies for your enterprise should focus on the following key areas:

  • What databases to protect and the granularity with which you want to recover data in your environment.

  • The Druva storage region where you want to store the backup data.

  • The storage size that your data will consume based on the size of databases you want to back up, expected change rate, retention period, and expected deduplication based on the nature of the databases to be processed. Druva requires you to purchase credits to consume storage.

  • The administrative groups for strategic categorization and management of databases.

  • The backup policies and retention period of the recovery points.

  • The administrators and roles to monitor backup and restore operations of your databases.

  • The RPO and RTO requirements of your organization.

Once you have a robust strategy in place, proceed with the Druva configuration.

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