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Druva support for Amazon Simple Storage Service
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Druva now supports backup and restore of AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) data via NAS shares. S3 backup enables you to protect data from ransomware, user errors, and when the credentials are compromised. It is also used to reduce the cost of storing multiple object versions.
Druva S3 data protection solution leverages S3 File Gateway deployed in an EC2 instance in your AWS account via SMB/NFS protocol with Druva NAS proxy.

Prerequisites for backing up AWS Simple Storage Service data

You can use AWS Storage Gateway and Enterprise Workloads NAS proxy running in the EC2 instances to protect AWS S3 data.
AWS Storage Gateway is a set of enterprise cloud storage services that provide on-premises access to virtually unlimited cloud storage.
Amazon S3 File Gateway presents a file interface that enables you to store files as objects in Amazon S3 using the NFS and SMB file protocols, and access those files via NFS and SMB from your data center or Amazon EC2.

Configure AWS S3 for Druva backups

Perform the following steps to configure AWS S3 for backups.

  1. Create Amazon S3 File Gateway in the EC2 instance. For more information, see Creating Your Gateway.

  2. Create NFS or SMB file share on S3 File Gateway and map it to the S3 bucket. For more information, see Create a file share.

  3. Deploy another EC2 instance for Druva NAS proxy (at least 3 vCPUs and 3 GB RAM per job, and the free space should be 2% of the total source data). For more information, see Tutorial: Get started with Amazon EC2 Linux instances.

  4. Install Druva NAS proxy in EC2. For more information, see Add and activate a NAS proxy.

  5. Add S3 File Gateway as a NAS device in Enterprise Workloads. S3 File Gateway is a machine hosted anywhere on the cloud or on-premise. It holds the IP of a network that the NAS proxy can connect with. You can add the IP of the S3 File Gateway in the Device IP/FQDN field. For more information, see Add Device.

  6. If file shares on S3 File Gateway are not discovered automatically, add shares to NAS device on the Management Console manually. For more information, see Add a NAS share.

  7. Create a backup policy on Management Console. For more information, see Creating a backup policy.

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