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Quick steps to set up Druva to back up NAS shares
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Steps to set up Enterprise Workloads to back up NAS shares

The following diagram depicts how to configure Druva to back up data from NAS shares.

Quick steps to backup NAS.png

The following table summarizes how to configure Druva to back up your NAS shares.





Click Check Prerequisites on the Add NAS Proxy page.

Read through the list of prerequisites before installing the NAS proxy. The NAS proxy is the Enterprise Workloads agent installed on a separate Windows or Linux server. It handles backup and restore requests from NAS shares.

πŸ“ Note
​You must install at least one NAS proxy to be able to add a NAS device.


  • Windows server

  • Linux server

  1. Download, install, and activate the NAS proxy. To back up SMB shares, install the proxy on a Windows server. To backup NFS shares, install the proxy on a Linux server.

  2. Activate the NAS proxy. To complete this step:

    1. Copy a valid activation token or generate a new one from the Management Console.

    2. Activate the NAS proxy on the Windows or Linux server using the activation token.

Activation authorizes the NAS proxy to communicate with the Druva Cloud and handle backup and restore jobs from the NAS share.


Add a NAS device that you want to backup and map it to a NAS proxy compatible with the type of shares on the NAS device.


Druva initiates a device auto-discovery as soon as a new NAS device is added. You can run auto-discovery on-demand or add shares manually.


Assign credentials to SMB NAS shares if:

  1. You do not want to use device credentials for an SMB share and want to use share-specific credentials instead.

  2. You are manually adding an SMB share.

πŸ“ Note
​ If one user account does not have all required permissions over all folders in an SMB share hierarchy on NetApp, see Least privileges to protect SMB shares on NetApp for the least privileges that need to be assigned to the account for successful backups and restores.


Specify a backup policy, add backup content, and map a NAS proxy.

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