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Configure Data Services IP for Nutanix AHV
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The iSCSI Data Services IP address is used to provide iSCSI access to the cluster storage. It is primarily used by Nutanix Volumes to present storage to your Guest OS directly via ISCSI. This IP address acts as an iSCSI target discovery portal and initial connection point. For example, Nutanix Volumes utilizes an iSCSI data services IP address to clients for target discovery. This simplifies external iSCSI configuration on clients.

πŸ“ Note
​You need to configure the Data Services IP address in your Nutanix cluster.

Perform the following tasks to assign the iSCSI Data Services IP address in Prism Element:

  1. Login to Prism Element.

  2. In the ribbon bar at the top click the cluster name.


  3. In the Cluster Details dialog box, enter the IP address(IP address for use with Nutanix Volumes) in the ISCSI Data Services IP field.

  4. Click Save.

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