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How to migrate vCenter or ESXi

Migrate or change vCenters or ESXi host

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There can be situations where due to changes in your environment, you may need to migrate or change vCenters or ESXi hosts. You can manage this migration from the Management Console without affecting the backups. You simply need to map i.e change the IP/FQDN of the existing vCenter/ESXi host to the IP/FQDN of the new vCenter/ESXi you want to migrate to. After the mapping, the new vCenter/ESXi host inherits all the backup settings and recovery points of the older vCenter/ESXi host.

To migrate the vCenter or ESXi host

  1. Log in to the Management Console.

  2. From the top menu bar, select your organization if organizations are enabled.

  3. Click Protect > VMware.
    The All vCenter/ESXi Hosts page is displayed. You can view all the registered vCenter servers and ESXi hosts from the card view or the list view.

  4. While in the card view, click more options in the card corresponding to the vCenter server or ESXi host that you want to migrate and click Change IP/FQDN.

    Change IP FQDN from card view.png

    While in the list view, select the vCenter server or ESXi host that you want to migrate, click more options, and click Change IP/FQDN.

    Change IP FQDN from list view.png

  5. Enter the IP/FQDN, username, and password of the vCenter/ESXi host you want to migrate to and click Change.


  6. The newly migrated vCenter/ESXi host is updated on the All vCenter/ESXi Hosts page.

    📝 Note

    In the case of a standalone ESXi host migration, refresh the page to see the changes.

Post-migration recommended checks

  1. Ensure that the backup proxies are connected.

    1. In case, some backup proxies are not connected, run the following command:

      1. Log-on to backup proxy with root credentials:

      2. In the command line terminal, type ProxyConf.

      3. Select the type of Druva Cloud by typing the number adjacent to the cloud.

        • Druva Cloud

        • GovCloud

      4. The backup proxy settings are displayed on the screen. On the Backup Proxy settings page, enter the Provide vCenter/ESXi FQDN (or IP address) and the credentials page number.

      5. When prompted, provide the FQDN or IP address of ESXi server.

      6. After the credentials are updated, ensure that the Druva service is running.

    2. If all the backup proxies are disconnected, contact Support to migrate without reconfiguration.

  2. After migration, review the backup selection details in the backup policy.

  3. Verify the recovery point details in the VM details page in the Backups tab.

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