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Data Loss Prevention
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About DLP

inSync’s Data Loss Prevention functionality is an effective solution that reduces the total economic impact of a lost or stolen laptop or mobile device for enterprises. It provides powerful, multi-layered protection of critical data residing in your organization’s devices such as:

  • Encrypt the content of the device to protect it from unauthorized access. The content is converted into unreadable code that cannot be decoded easily.

  • Disallow users to pre-download content from inSync Cloud on their mobile devices to read it when the mobile device is not in the network.

  • Disallow other applications to access inSync content.

  • Auto-delete content from the user device if it does not connect to inSync Cloud for a stipulated period.

📝 Note
You must have the license for inSync Data Loss Prevention to perform any of the activities explained in this section. Contact for the license.

In this section

The following table lists the tasks that you require to use DLP.



Enable data encryption

Secure content inside inSync App

Remotely delete data from a device

Enable auto-delete functionality for computers

Configure certificates for iOS devices

Configure Geofencing policy for your organization

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