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Federated Search
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With Federated Search, inSync provides Security, Legal, and Forensic teams with enhanced forensic investigative capabilities. This extends the existing search functionality beyond the traditional keyword-based search.

Here are a few scenarios in which you can use Federated Search:

  • Human Resource and Legal investigations: Employees who are leaving the company may share highly confidential and company sensitive data by sending an email to their personal email IDs. In such cases, the Human Resources team or the Legal team can track any email sent by employees to their personal email IDs and protect the organization from a potential data breach.

  • Track malware and infected files: During malware or ransomware attacks, an infected file is shared across the organization with several users who are unaware of the risks that are associated with the file. Once the Information Security team or the IT team is able to find the infected file, the team can find all traces of that infected file in user devices using the search capabilities and delete all occurrences of that file.

  • Investigate data spills: Search of files and emails using metadata enables you to investigate unintentional, willful, or negligent data spills due to data uploads to incorrect or restricted locations or sharing of data through accidental or purposeful email distribution.

New capabilities in Federated Search

Search for files in SharePoint Online and Google Shared Drives

Now you can search for all file types that are available in SharePoint Online sites and Google Shared Drives.

Federated Search for Shared Drive.png

Use metadata attributes to search files

In addition to searching files and emails using filename or email subject respectively, Federated Search supports search of files and emails using their metadata attributes. You can search for files using the following metadata:

  • Filename

  • Extension

  • Checksum

  • Modified time

  • Creation time

  • Size

    file filters federated search.png

Use metadata attributes to search emails

You can search for emails using the following metadata:

  • Subject

  • Recipients (from/to/cc/bcc)

  • Receive time

  • Attachment name

  • Attachment extension

  • Attachment checksum

  • Attachment size​

email filters federated search.png

Cloud Apps files deletion

With Federated Search, you can search and delete files present in Microsoft OneDrive, G-Drive, and Box from both data source and snapshot. This extends the existing defensible deletion capabilities of Search and helps Security, Legal, and Forensic teams to take quick action on files backed up for SaaS Apps.

file deletion option for cloaud apps1.png

❗ Important

  • Federated Search will be enabled for customers who are on-boarded after July 13, 2019 with inSync Elite as licensed edition.

  • Federated Search is available for Elite edition for customers who have purchased Saas Apps (Microsoft 365) licenses.

  • Existing customers will be seamlessly migrated to Federated Search over the next few months.

For any queries, contact support.

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