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Troubleshooting Issues
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This article helps you to troubleshoot issues when using the Salesforce App.

The following table lists the errors and possible solutions to troubleshoot the issues:

Error Message

Possible Reason


Errors: Required fields are missing: [MyCustomObject]

The parent records are not created.

  1. Validate the parent record.

  2. The required fields for the child records must be populated.

  3. If this does not resolve the issue, ensure the "Allow Re-parenting" property on the referenced object is set to false.

Errors: Insufficient access rights on cross-reference ID: [Cross Reference Field ID]

The referenced record associated with the Error node is not created.

  1. Validate the referenced record.

  2. Fix this record and this record should get created/updated.

Errors: invalid cross reference id;

One of the reference fields on the object cannot find the referenced object record.

  1. Validate any one of the IDs under the Error node.

  2. Fix this referenced record and this record should get created/updated.

Errors: AccountAccessLevel, OpportunityAccessLevel, CaseAccessLevel (Account, Opportunity, Case Levels, Con Levels (All, Edit, Edit, Edit) are below organization levels (Edit, None, Read, ControlledByParent));

This normally occurs with Share objects. This field must be set to an access level that is at least equal to the organization’s default ContactAccessLevel.

This field cannot be updated via the API if the ContactAccessLevel field is set to ‘Controlled by Parent,’ as the application cannot update this field for the associated account owner using the API.

  1. Try updating the account owner’s ContactAccessLevel via the Salesforce user interface.

  2. Check to see if ‘Controlled by Parent’ is enabled, and if so, disable it.

Errors: operation performed with an inactive user;

An inactive user performs the operation.

  1. Perform a Mass Transfer of Ownership to update the object records from the inactive user to the active user.

  2. Alternatively, activate this user in the destination.

Error: Cannot add custom fields to entity: AccountContactRole

For the specified object, ensure ‘Do Not Use External Id’ is set for the <External Id> field.

Error: Compiled formula is too big to execute (5,892 characters). Maximum size is 5,000 characters or Error: The size of your string is 5,385 bytes but may not exceed 4,000 bytes.

Perform the following steps:

  1. To reduce the string size of the formula, move sections of the original formula you wrote into one or more secondary formula fields, and reference those in your main formula.

For more information, see Reducing the Length of Your Formula.

2. To reduce the size of the query that’s compiled from your formula syntax, follow the below suggestions from Salesforce.

  • Minimize the number of references to other fields

  • Minimize the number of times formula functions are called

  • Rethink your picklist

  • Think about the problem another way

  • If all else fails, use a workflow field update

For more information, see Reducing Your Formula’s Compile Size.

Error: Error retrieving task list

Browser cache

  • Ensure that you are using the latest Druva Salesforce App.

  • Clear the browser cache and reload the tasks page.

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