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Review the following prerequisites before you install the Salesforce App.

Salesforce Prerequisites

  • Configure your Salesforce domain with the My Domain settings available in the Salesforce environment. For more information, see My Domain settings.

  • The Salesforce App is compatible with the Salesforce Lightning Experience. For more information, see Checking Salesforce Organization's readiness for Lightning Experience.

  • Enable Lightning Experience in the Salesforce organization where you are installing the Salesforce App.

  • Switch to Lightning Experience. To switch to Lightning Experience from Salesforce Classic, click on your name in the Salesforce Classic header and click Switch to Lightning Experience.

inSync Prerequisites

  • inSync requires access to the data encryption key and to initiate the scheduled backup.

  • The data encryption key is used to encrypt the user data when it is being backed up to the Cloud. This is part of the digital envelope encryption process. The data encryption key of the user is stored using AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS).

  • You can use one of the following methods:

    • Deploy inSync Connector
      Integrate your Active Directory (AD) or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) details with your inSync setup using the inSync Connector. At least one inSync Connector must be configured and connected to the inSync Cloud (default option).
      For more information, see Configure the inSync Connector.

    • Enable Cloud Key Management
      The Cloud Key Management feature utilizes the AWS KMS to generate the Data Key. The Data Key is then used to encrypt the data encryption key. The encrypted data encryption key is then stored in the Druva Cloud. This data encryption key is then utilized to complete the scheduled backup.
      Submit a request to Support to activate the Cloud Key Management feature for your account.
      For more information, see Configure Key Management for SaaS Apps.

  • Ensure you have procured the required license to be able to associate and authenticate Salesforce organizations from the Salesforce App.

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